Robert Somerville  Building Projects


Here are some examples of our recent work.

Country Houses

Country houses

Large projects give great opportunity to push the brief to its limits and create something unique.

Listed Buildings

Listed buildings

Listed buildings are a joy to work with. By definition, they have a quality of design or craftsmanship that is very special.

Renovated Period Homes

Renovated period homes

Our clients are amazed by what can be achieved without having to up sticks and move to a new house.

Reimagined Homes

Reimagined homes

Radical things can be done to adapt what is there without demolishing and starting again.

Barn Conversions

Barn conversions

We take great pride in our ability to transform these structures into comfortable, warm spaces

Eco Houses

Eco houses

Eco-houses are an opportunity to invest in the future: to live lightly on the Earth.

Small Structures

Small structures

Small structures often add great charm and beauty to an overall scheme, quite apart from their practical purpose

Dartmoor Oak

Dartmoor oak

For projects in the South West of England, the natural choice is to use locally sourced Dartmoor oak.

East Anglian Elm

East Anglian elm

For projects in the East of England, there is a surprising opportunity to build with elm wood.