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Dartmoor oak

Dartmoor oak 1Dartmoor oak drawing

For projects in the South West of England, the natural choice is to use locally sourced timber. Dartmoor has a long historical connection with oak trees and the fringes of the moor have several areas of sustainably managed oak woods. The timber from these woods bears the character of the region, and is milled into roof and floor structures that reflect this unique and traditional beauty.

We set up the Dartmoor Oak and Frame Company to ensure that there is always a supply of this local timber for any of our projects. The timbers are sawn and hewn to shape and placed in the sunshine and rain for just enough time to mellow to a beautiful soft colour.

Robert negotiated planning permission to give us the kind of space we needed for a working studio. He also provided the Dartmoor oak to make the vaulted roof structure. The twists and turns and pre-weathering of the wood looks great and completely fits with the atmosphere of the old barn walls.

Barnaby Spurrier, Torhill Studio.