Robert Somerville  Building Projects

Listed Buildings

Listed buildings are a joy to work with. By definition, they have a quality of design or craftsmanship that is very special. In our work, we recognise this, and always look forward to understanding the essence of the property before deciding how to approach fulfilling the brief.

We take pride in our good relationships with local conservation and planning bodies, and often achieve unexpectedly positive results. Our enjoyment and understanding of traditional skills and local materials no doubt goes a long way to gaining the confidence of local authorities and English Heritage.

We enjoyed working with Robert, who did a wonderful job for us: we couldn’t recommend him more highly. He worked well with our planning authority so, notwithstanding we are listed, we were able to do all we wanted in the renovation of our main house and the conversion of a barn. He assembled a team of twelve and was closely involved throughout the 18 month period of the project, supervising even the smallest detail.

His knowledge, love for and understanding of old buildings, together with his eye for, and choice of authentic materials, has meant that the charm and beauty of the original buildings have been retained.

Owner of listed longhouse, Dartmoor.