Robert Somerville  Building Projects

Renovated period homes

Before renovation
After renovation
The kitchen after renovation
Design for the kitchen island unit
Old houses have lots of character, but often don’t live up to the expectations of modern living. The ceilings are often too low, the walls damp and the kitchen on the darkest side of the building!

We have found that with imagination and experience, a complete transformation is possible; retaining the beauty and patina of age whist transforming the internal layout, floor levels, natural lighting and the views to the landscape outside.

Our clients are amazed by what can be achieved without having to up sticks and move to a new house.

We were seriously considering moving house because our family kitchen was disconnected from the rest of the house and the garden. That was before commissioning Robert to radically transform the building. Robert has a great skill of matching a design to its setting. He managed to transform 3 small rooms into a stunning kitchen that feels and looks like it has been there forever.

We then commissioned an interior designer to help with the kitchen, but after a lot of head-scratching we turned back to Robert, and once again his feel for flow and simple elegance helped complete this amazing room that is now the heart of our home. Robert is a pleasure to work with and his love for what he does means that he takes a great deal of care both of his clients and their projects.

Richard Rudd, Rosecote House.