Robert Somerville  Building Projects

Country houses

Large projects give great opportunity to push the brief to its limits and create something unique. The team expands to include engineers, landscape designers and ecologists, so that the full potential of the site and existing structures can be maximized. We enjoy the challenge.

Most importantly, we work closely with clients in the sketch design stage to fully understand their dream home. And if the situation allows, we will set up workshops on site for joinery, stone dressing and even the milling and kiln-drying of locally harvested timber. This means that we can produce a fully crafted home, even down to bespoke cabinetwork.

We wanted Robert to be the designer for the project following a recommendation. He always dealt quickly with any concerns and responded very promptly with changes and new ideas as things got underway on site.

His passion for natural local materials has given our house intimacy and a timeless feel. Robert introduced us to some fantastic craftspeople who formed an amazing team and have given our house unique beauty.

Owner, New family home, Dartmoor