Robert Somerville  Building Projects

Small structures

Oak granary 1Oak granary 2Cob gazebo 1Cob gazebo 2Cob gazebo 3: scribing the arcs
Oak granary 1
Oak granary 2
Cob gazebo 1
Cob gazebo 2
Cob gazebo 3: scribing the arcs
Building with cob
These barns and small structures in the grounds of larger properties often add great charm and beauty to an overall scheme, quite apart from their practical purpose. By using vernacular materials, and rustic styles, an authentic addition can be made to any garden or yard.

In the West country, cob and stone are the obvious choices. Whereas in the East of England, timber frames and tiled roofs create an inspiring sense of place. These photos show a granary, a cob barn and a cob gazebo.

I had a strong vision of what I wanted but didn’t know how to do the roof. Robert with his knowledge of wood and experience and expertise in building beautiful structures, created a curved oval and domed roof from local timber adding a definite Wow! Factor to our already beautiful cob building.
Jackie Parsons, Holne.